Grainy photo of two professional skateboarders Bryan Herman and John Dilo sitting on their boards and having a conversation. A serif font says in capital letters »TIMELINE JOHN DILO« and the brand’s name »HOURS IS YOURS«.

“Timeline Chapter 1” is the first-ever video piece by skater-owned and operated footwear company HOURS IS YOURS and it definitely puts a bright spotlight on all the heavy hitters sitting together in this unique team, but also focus on no one else but manual wizard John Dilo, who put together a respectable part with a bag of massive tricks. For us, this part seems like a well-deserved ticket to this year’s SOTY trophy.

Featuring: John Dilo, Bryan Herman, Kevin Braun, Gage Boyle, Steve Gamboa & Gus Bus
Also appearing: Braydon Szafranski, Annabelle Burruss, Ali Jbilou, Jonas Fetz & Patricc Wolf

Produced by: Dennis Martin
Edited by: Shqipron Bobaj & Dennis Martin


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Written by Philipp Schäfer
Photography: © HOURS

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