Mystery boxes —

Savin’ up comes with a nice surprise

We at Mosaic Distribution always try to come up with innovative solutions and affordable shopping concepts — a fact that led us to our newest offering with a 100% surprise guarantee: Purchase any mystery box and get an assortment of finest products, wisely chosen by us. Stocking up your inventory has never been easier! We will take care of each box’s content, hand-pick and select a great mixture of brands, items, colors and various sizes for you.

A simple one-click shopping experience that allows us to provide you at an incredible price point, as well as a surprisingly stressless way to refill your shop with attractive products. And you can enjoy that extra thrill when unboxing your products.

Animated loop showcasing various product groups like decks, apparel and backpacks with flashing pictures, as well as a blue circled artwork saying »mystery box«.

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