Marketing strategies —

Tailored to hit the zeitgeit’s bullseye

With our powerful in-house marketing team, we proudly create innovative and foward-thinking marketing strategies aligned to our markets and customer’s needs. Truly a win-win concept for all parties involved: we build brand awareness for suppliers, pushing sales and strengthening market positions of wholesale customers and offering outstanding customer experiences to each individual end consumer.

We plan, execute and recap journeys that communicate valuable stories and create impactful, long-lasting connections between these three linchpins. Authenticity and our own roots in the skateboard and streetwear culture are our main strenghts — a unique selling proporsition that always allows us to plan activations from a core perspective and giving it a final approval of genuineness.

Looped animation showing three used smartphone with various examples of our in-house marketing skills.

Core quality recipe —

Serving stories in a meaningful, yet tasty way

Mosaic’s marketing expertise is based on years of knowledge studying the market and actively working in our scope. We always take a seat next to the target audience’s chair (and sometimes even on their laps), ensuring we get the right point of view. While having our mutual dinner, we take an accurate observation of what hits the spot. Taking our key learnings from here, we start to cook up our own recipes — of course with a core audience approved seal of taste. And a sip of Chardonnay here and there …

Full service menu —

➺ Strategic concepts
➺ Campaign building
➺ Visual communication
➺ Marketing development funds

➺ Art direction
➺ Corporate design
➺ Graphic services
➺ Website coding
➺ Editorial & print

➺ Content creation
➺ Collaborations
➺ Digital activations
➺ Ambassador seeding
➺ Trade show handling
➺ Point of purchase

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