Wholesale guide —

Business solutions we’re offering to our customers

Mockup of a hardcover book with an opened double page spread showing an index with four major topics: 01 — Preorder, 02 — B2B Shop, 03 — Logistics, 04 — Agency network

01 — Preorder

Made easy with Order41

Once registered and approved, we warmly welcome you as our new customer and offer you a great way to easily preorder your desired products by using Order41 — a powerful webtool exclusively for pre-bookings. Get reminded on upcoming seasons and drops, manage your orders and benefit from exclusive pre-booking discounts. Good bye Excel sheets and low-res catalogs! Our innovative self-service tool is user-friendly as any other webshop: add your products to the cart, and easily place your order.

Desktop computer with a looped animation demonstrating the order process at Mosaic's own pre-booking platform called Order41

02 — B2B shop

Shop directly from our stock

Our customers can always rely on finding a bright variety and huge selection of goods available in our online store. Browse through our B2B shop and place your at-once order, which will be handled by our logistics provider. We ship directly from our German warehouse, usually within the next day after your payment has been transacted. Start restocking your offerings on demand, with full flexibility and freedom of choice, but without the hassle of minimum order quantities.

Mockup of a desktop computer and smartphone, both showing Mosaic's B2B platform its product offering

03 — Logistics

How we distribute products

Our in-house operations team ensures a smooth import of all products from all around the world — no matter if it’s by air, sea or freight train. We keep an eye on reliable delivery windows, handling all tax and custom formalities and linking up with the right carrier, thanks to our large network of freight forwarding companies. We are the hub between supplier and carrier to make sure all goods arrive safely and for a reasonable price.

Time line demonstrating the customer journey and product cycle from registration to final distribution of the product

We are distributing — geographically speaking — from the middle of Europe. Our warehouse is based in Bremen, Northern Germany. Without any doubt, a strategically valuable point of departure in terms of wholesale business. Together with our long-term logistics specialist Attitude Trading Company, all imported goods get distributed from here. It is operated by Jens Leiberg and his experienced team, who also handle warehousing our stock, shipping daily deliveries and processing returns.

04 — Agency network

Meet our representatives

Being a distribution that operates all over Europe, we sure have to recourse on reliable partners and their home-turf advantages. Over the past few years we have teamed up with a range of professional agencies with regional background, which are listed below. These local partnerships ensure finest service for all our customers and their needs. Our agency network is a powerful ressource that supports you with strong talents.