Mission statement —

What our heritage made us become

Our history starts in 2005, when skateboarder, founder and nowadays CEO Philipp Schmidt originally establishes Mosaic. Working in the industry for several years made him gain lots of experience, so he decided to start his own business. Ever since then, Mosaic distributes a finer selection of streetwear and skateboard brands with a widely spread network all over Europe and a broad spectrum of sales experts, as well as key customers.

A balanced combination between passion for the product and open ears for the market made Mosaic quickly turn from a one-man-army to a whole team. Since its original inception, the company grew to nowadays amazing stats: counting a team of more than 15 professionals, including over 20 brands in our portfolio and delivering to more than 30 countries in our territory.

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Here’s what we do —

It’s much more than just distribution

From the import of commodities to warehousing or individual allocations: our company offers a full cycle distribution service. Mosaic’s operation team has remarkable capabilities ensuring that our retailers get their goods in time. We stay flexible and open-minded to find individual solutions for our customers, as well as suppliers. We cultivate a widely-spread customer network all over Europe with more than 15 years of trading experience.

Furthermore, we have an agile team of in-house sales experts and a priceless portfolio professional agencies and sales representatives with numerous years of brand and key account management. Our customers can rely on innovative B2B solutions, such as our pre-book tool. Or simply restock your goods with a one-click process at our webstore. Our back office management supplies you with core data and helps you with handling returns, refunds or questions of any nature.

We offer in-house marketing solutions that include strategic planning, art direction, visual communication and full execution. Brand building, awareness campaigns, ambassador seeding, collaboration or website coding are some of our skillfull abilities. Furthermore we provide brand and retail consulting, introduce new brands to the European markets and open up doors for successful business.

Who we work with —

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