“Rumble Pack” by WKND

Movie poster for WKND Skateboards latest video called Rumble Pack, showing two close up stills from movie scenes that focus on the actor’s eyes. The middle of the picture says in bold block letters »WKND Skateboards presents Rumble Pack«.

You know there’s certain things in life that never disappoint: A morning coffee, the feeling of a properly executed and on bolts landed flip and of course: WKND videos. The LA based brand behind Trevor Thompson and his team once again proofed to be top-nutch in case of hilarious comedy in combination with a very eyeball-pleasing, cinematographically understanding of great movie productions.

Oh and by the way: Tom Karangelov and the newest WKND pros Sarah Meurle and Filip Almqvist been out there killin’ it for sure …

Produced by Grant Yansura.


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Written by Philipp Schäfer
Photography: © WKND

Featured brand:

WKND Skateboards