Primitive celebrates 10 years of skateboarding

Photography of professional athlete Paul Rodriguez in his very own Primitive Skatepark, performing a Switch Bluntslide down a hubba ledge in a dark and ambient atmosphere. A golden typeface says »Celebrating 10 Years of Primitive Skateboarding«.

Primitive Skateboarding is a name that definitely paved its way with a major success throughout the streets and into the roots of modern days skateboarding. Undoubtable, the company around professional skateboarder Paul Rodriguez is one of the most common companies on the entire globe. Today in fact, the company celebrates 10 years of skateboarding. Being officially announced on the 10th of April 2014, it came a long way (to the top) of nowadays brands out there.

In 2008, Paul, Heath Brinkley, Andy Netkin, Jay Partow, and Jubal Jones founded Primitive as a skateboard and clothing store in California. After Paul ”P-Rod“ Rodriguez left his board sponsor Plan B Skateboards, he decided to do a limited run of the iconic gold-foiled Primitive decks. And due to the strong response, they decided to turn it all into a new skateboard company.

»Primitive keeps elevating, evolving and growing as a brand, ’cause we’re here to stay«

— Paul Rodriguez

Starting of with Paul as a pro, the company added the heavy-hitters Carlos Ribeiro and Nick Tucker to their team as amateurs. Ten years later, we are facing one of the most significant skateboarders in the lineup of the company: Tiago Lemos, Miles Silvas, Wade Desarmo and Franky Villani (just to name a few). But besides their skateboarding experts representing the brand, it’s always been the people who have been with the company, such as cinematographer Allan Hannon who shaped the aesthetics of many brilliant videos, such as Encore, Define or Daydream.  

Having all that legacy in mind and being asked who and what else is the most important thing for Primitive Skateboarding, Paul Rodriguez quotes:

»I just wanna thank everybody, who’s either on the team, ’cause you know … the team is the forward-facing part of the brand, but we had so many people behind the scenes helped making the brand is what it is today. We can be as passionate as we want about the brand, but without the support of the people and the fans we couldn’t get very far. Everybody who supported Primitive: thank you, guys. I mean literally said before, we couldn’t do it without the support of the people. Anybody who’s bought a skateboard, watched the video, got a t-shirt or who rocks a sticker on their computer, any love, any support — we really appreciate it and we do our best to keep coming out with incredible boards, incredible graphics, incredible collaborations, incredible videos, incredible skateboarding. We are keep doing our best to keep elevating and evolving and growing as a brand, ’cause we’re here to stay.«
(Source: Primitive)


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We are more than thrilled to see what the future holds for Primitive and where the company will be in the next ten years from now on. But probably it’ll all be about pushing the limits yet again and again, until the level of professional skateboarding can’t get any crazier anymore. We as a distribution are definitively hyped to be the extended arm of the brand in our territory and follow the journey of Primitive Skateboarding.

Below there’s a little trip down memory, when our sales manager Lukas Steidle and marketing director Philipp Schäfer entered the sacred grounds of P-Rod’s Primitive park in Los Angeles to enjoy this very private session out there. Thank you, Primitive.

Written by Philipp Schäfer
Video: © Primitive

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