Polster Trucks “12AL” video

Black and white portrait of skateboarder Tobias Lehne holding his skateboard into the camera.

The skateboard is perfect. Deck, axles, wheels and ball bearings – none of this has changed fundamentally for decades. Not because there is a lack of people who want to develop the skateboard further. There have been numerous attempts in the past to make the deck more durable, but none of the fiberglass variants have really caught on. All frills. Trucks and wheels, on the other hand, have changed little since a couple of teenagers in California screwed their little sister’s roller skates under a piece of wood.

»That sounds pretty perfect to me«

— Christian Roth

Unlike the components of a skateboard, the physical act of skating is always evolving. What seemed impossible yesterday is already old hat today, in a social media week. Skateboarding is always evolving, ever more open to every definition of gender, culture and religion. For young and old. For the blind as well as for people without legs. That sounds pretty perfect to me.

We are pleased to present you the latest masterpiece by Polster Trucks, featuring the brand’s very unique team: André Gerlich, David Bachl, Valeri Rosomako, Tobias Lehne and Damian Dederichs. Filmed and edited by Felix Hempel.


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Written by Christian Roth
Photography: © Chris Lehne

Featured brand:

Polster Trucks