Parlez Golf Club Tournament at Orange Jungle

Illustrative artwork showing a coral camo print and a sandy-brownish rectangle with some bold white typography that reads »PARLEZ GOLF CLUB TOURNAMENT« in capital letters, as well as the logo from an Erfurt streetwear shop called Orange Jungle.

Parlez Clothing blessed its fans and customers with a carefully-curated collection for Spring Summer 2024. Reasons enough for us to celebrate the launch with a memorizable in-store activation with one of our loyal customers, the streetwear experts from Orange Jungle in Erfurt. Luckily, the entire Orange squad was hyped on the idea and turned out to be the ideal partner in crime for some putting action. That’s why we brought the (miniature) green into their shop.

»Now that’s a (w)hole in one situation …«

— Orange Jungle

After some good communication and joint brainstorming, we immediately agreed on the fact, that bringing some real life action onto the sales floor should be the goal of our efforts. And golf seemed to be the perfect sport for this adventure. A great example of a partnership between brand, distributor and retail store that rapidly transformed thoughts into action. After taking care about the main visuals (based around the catchy ”coral camouflage“ artwork for SS24), we quickly produced a batch of custom-branded golf equipment and merchandise for the event. 

Just a couple of weeks later, our idea came to life. On a sunny Saturday, Orange Jungle invited its customers to the first ever in-store golf tournament. And honestly, what could be better for direct consumers to combine a great shopping experience with some real life action and putting some golf balls? Especially, when there’s a good chance to score a hole-in-one, what led to winning some precious Parlez goodies.

Peep the tournament’s recap video below and experience the emotions directly from the green. And hopefully see you all again next year — which gives everyone enough time to work on their handicap. We are already thrilled for the next golf club get-together with you! Big thanks to Parlez Clothing and the entire team at Orange Jungle for making this unique activation happen.

If you’re an existing Mosaic customer and you’re wondering now if something similar could be activated at your physical store, feel free to rech out to us. We’d be more than happy to brainstorm with you about the possibilities for the next big gig and being partners in crime together. 

Written by Philipp Schäfer
Photography: © Orange Jungle

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