HUF Japan Tour Meltdown

A green-colored flyer with a big bold text at the left side saying »Japan Tour Meltdown« and a picture of 3 HUF professional skateboarders smiling and holding big stacks of paper money into the camera.

It’s undeniable that it might sound a bit boring if you hear the words »tour video« and »twenty twenty-four« being used in the same sentence. We totally agree with that to be completely honest. Even though there’s nothing wrong about tour videos and it’s only natural. Professional skateboarders, teams and brands go on tour. And of course they gonna capture everything that happens on tape (or memory card). That’s understandable.

But in the crazy fast world we’re living in, short attention spans and social media, how’s such a thing like a tour video supposed to create a buzz? Well, the magic key word is creativity. And in HUF‘s case, that is exactly what happened. You might ask yourself how the actual f*ck this is possible?

With their latest Japan Tour Meltdown video, it is the simple fact that a bangin’ team traveled to a city with some decent spots to skate. That’s nothing unusual when it comes to HUF and its characters. I guess everyone who is still reading these lines probably has to remember the FOREVER full-lenght video from last year.

But furthermore, the creative pioneers behind the clip simply put one of the team riders in charge of an astonishing creative process called screenplay. Ladies and gentleman: this is the genius of Erik Herrera‘s brainpower. He wrote and directed the video and played the main character, who keeps dreaming about those Japanese nights. Geez, please go ahead and give that man an Oscar. Thank you.


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Cyrus Bennett, Dick Rizzo, Mason Silva, Nick Matthews, Salomon Cardenas, Erik Herrera & Daiki Hoshino

Still photography: Tyler Cichy
Filmed by: Tyler Smolinski & Kamekyo
Written & directed by: Erik Herrera

Written by Philipp Schäfer
Photography: © Tyler Cichy