“ODD 7” by HUF Germany

Abstract collage in blue and green colors showing a blurry silhouette of a male person facing the camera. In centered, bold letters it says HUF GERMANY ODD 7.

From Mediterranean solo escapes to joint missions in the gambling streets of Frankfurt, “ODD 7” re-introduces HUF Germany’s ambassador program to the outside world. A cinematographic exposition through the lens of Frederick Schneider.

Blood, sweat and (some) tears were put into this project, dedicated to create an audiovisual experience that speaks one global HUF language, but is also infused with our own creative approach of European skateboarding.

Starring Tim Janke, Leo Mattasits, Marcel Weber, Lutz Schreier and Leon Merschmann.


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Film & Edit: Frederick Schneider
Art direction: Philipp Schäfer

Additional filming:
Levent Efe, Max Pack, Pascal Kurth, Julian Lopez, Dmitry Brylev, Damià Tesorero, Pascal Klauke, Bartek Motyka, Felix Schubert, Damian Gribl and Gabriel Dimmig

Written by Philipp Schäfer
© Moritz Gasche

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