Dlamini Dlamini’s “Chomalom” Part

Portrait of skateboarder Dlamini Dlamini holding up a colorful mask in front of his face, covering his identity. The mask has cut out holes for both eyes and a smiling mouth. The background is abstract and colorful with a white and bold typography saying »DLAMINI DLAMINI CHOMALOM«

Dlamini Dlamini just revealed his newest part called “Chomalom” on European’s most significant skateboard medium: Pocket Skate Mag. The young man (with a name so nice, his parents used it twice) who is originally from Durban made himself already a name in Cape Town while living and skating there, before he left South Africa and found a new base in the city of Berlin.

Being frequently on the road and skating, Dlamini surely already left a huge impression in many parts of the world — especially because his authentic, fluent style of skateboarding that truly speaks for itself. And not to mention his switch game abilities and technical finesse. That’s quite a different league.

»If my shit’s not ironed, my whole day is just fucked«

— Dlamini Dlamini

Representing DGK Skateboards, Adidas and Monster Energy, Dlam’s future definitely shines bright in terms of staying busy and keeping his ass constantly traveling. At the same time, one of the best features about Dlamini is his generous character and down to earth mentality. If you’re lucky to catch him in Berlin (or elsewhere in this world) just tell him ”What’s good, chom?“ and he’d probably be like: ”Awe, my man — what’s good with you?“, while looking at you with a big smile and simply enjoying living his best life. At least as long as all his shirts are ironed, but that’s a different story


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Filmed by: Telmo Gonçalves, Andrew Real, Daniel Galli, Jack Thompson, Dennis Truong, Ryder Nel, Angel Hernandez, Jon Wolf, Julius Krappe, Julian Lopez & Dennis Ludwig

16mm Footage: Jon Wolf
Edited by: Ryder Nel

Written by Philipp Schäfer
Thumbnail: © Burny Diego

Featured brand:

DGK Skateboards