DGK Saved by Skateboarding Charity

Portrait of a black child with a cheeky and proud smile, facing the camera and holding up a completely mounted skateboard by DGK with a camo inspired artwork showing roses and a big DGK logo. The center shows a red square with the words »Saved by Skateboarding«.

DGK inspires … One of the most inspiring facts about skateboarding is its power to change things for good. The wooden “toy” has influenced the life of so many individuals and brightened up the future for many of us in such a positive way. Despite giving us the opportunity to express ourselves in many creative ways, skateboarding can also be a lifelong anchor providing stability and a positive mental attitude.

For the 10 year anniversary of the Rolling Loud Festival, DGK Skateboards held its biggest single giveback in history. Over 100 skateboards were put in the hands of kids from after school programs throughout Inglewood, Los Angeles.

We took the chance to look behind the scenes of DGK’s unique charity approach of giving back to the community and reinvesting into the future of skateboarding. This token of appreciation and respect are a noble tribute to the brand’s own roots.

»For me, a skateboard literally saved my life«

— Stevie Williams

The brand’s mission statement is to make a difference, share the experience of skateboarding with underprivileged youth. The simple approach: when you support DGK, you become part of the solution. By giving away such a powerful tool like a completely mounted skateboard, we can save lives and push the culture forward.

Being asked earlier in an interview from last year, Stevie Williams, one of skateboarding’s most influential personalities (and of course one of the DGK founding partners) made a statement on how these charity activations can make a significant change in nowadays society:

»A big goal from the start was to create an outlet to give kids tools to improve their life. For me, a skateboard literally saved my life and I believe when applied correctly, it can do the same for others globally. We created “Saved by Skateboarding” as DGK’s philanthropic cause. We take a large chunk off our profits annually and give underprivileged kids a brand new, free skateboard. DGK believes that skateboarding contributes to a better world and helps in building essential life skills like independence, discipline, and confidence. By providing skateboards to the youth, we’re able to build healthy relationships with our community and make better citizens for the world. Saved by Skateboarding partners with artists & athletes to give back to their communities and inspire positive change.«
(Source: Medium)

Peep the video below and witness how the Saved By Skateboarding movement gives back to the community — especially to those kids who don’t have the resources to effort themselves a skateboard. That’s what the DGK’s slogan “For those who came from nothing” is all about: creating a foundation for the next generation to express themselves and get inspired to create their very own future. That is truly the most powerful thing a skateboard can do.

If you feel inspired now to give something back to your own local community, feel free to contact us. No matter if you’re a shop owner, run a registered association with a skateboard program or voluntarily teach young kids: we at Mosaic would love to hear about your concepts (or work-in-progress ideas) for a potential partnership and charity support.

Written by Philipp Schäfer
Photography: © Saved by Skateboarding

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