“DAYDREAM” by Primitive Skateboarding

Skateboard photo of Filipe Mota performing a Kickflip Hurricane down a heave handrail. A bold neon font shows the word »DAYDREAM« in capitalized letters.

DAYDREAM” is the newest masterpiece from Primitive Skateboarding, focussing on the team’s upcoming and very promosing Amateur talents: Dylan Jaeb, Kyonosuke Yamashita and Filipe Mota. Celebrating its premiere on 16th of February at the popular Million Dollar cinema, Los Angeles, this video set the bar yet another level higher for modern street skateboarding. And we have to keep in mind that we’re officially talking about these three talents being “amateurs” right now. But I guess not for much longer …

Featuring: Dylan Jaeb, Kyonosuke Yamashita and Filipe Mota

Directed & edited by: Alan Hannon
Filmed by: Eric Iwakura, Alex Kissinger & Alan Hannon
Motion Graphics and art design: Blaine Birardi


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Written by Philipp Schäfer
Photography: © Schreiner

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