“Amen” by DGK Skateboards

Movie poster for DGK Skateboards newest video, featuring a 3 dimensional illustration of a silver-blue, metallic rose and the word "AMEN" in capital, fracture letters.

“Amen” is the newest masterpiece by one the most influential skateboard brands from the West Coast. Of course, we are talking about no one else but DGK Skateboards. The seventeen minutes long video is nothing but a solid proof that if you combine a finesse bag of tricks, multiply it with massive pop and add that unique curb wizardry, you’ll end up admitting that this team is going places. Their flip-in and flip-out game is definitely something else …

Featuring: Will Mazzari, Collin Slew, Marquise Henry, Deon Harris, Yuki Sawashima, Sway, Darius Jackson, Dane Vaughn, Dlamini Dlamini, Boo Johnson, Noah Francisco, Isaac Walker, Chaz Ortiz, Flynn Jackman, Jett Stanton, Kevin Bilyeu, Stevie Williams, John Shanahan, Adriel Parmisano, Ryan Carrell, Nick Diaz, Dwayne Fagundes, Arnowdy Lanziloti and Brian Reid

Produced by: The KAYO Corp.
Edited by: Brad Rosado
Effects: Matt Daughters


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Written by Philipp Schäfer
Photography: © The KAYO Corp.

Featured brand:

DGK Skateboards