“ALPCODE RUSH” by Shqipron Bobaj

Black and white photo collage with a long-haired skateboarder performing a Nosegrind on a concrete ledge, while there's an intimate portrait of cinematographer Shqipron Bobaj on the right, attaching a lens to his video camera.

ALPCODE RUSH” is the newest blessing by our dear friend and cinematographer Shqipron Bobaj, who’s spent the summer time hunting the homies with his VX through the alps. Ten minutes well-invested watching an uncompromising selection of talents, tricks and individuals — all put together with a great blend of fuzzy-overdriven guitar music that creates massive flashbacks into a time of melancholy nostalgia. Great job, Bobaj.

Featuring: John Dilo, Jonas Fetz, Ali Jbilou, Simon Perrottet, Michael Brunner, Oliver Weismantel, Janos Herzog, Sven Kilchenmann and many more

Filmed & edited by: Shqipron Bobaj
Additional filming: Jon Wolf


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Written by Philipp Schäfer
Photography: © Bobaj

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