Showroom Berlin recap SS—25

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Showroom Berlin, fairly optimal weather conditions, meeting lots of nice people, collecting memories and attending productive meetings — that’s what comes to mind when we think back to the successfully completed mission of last week. It sometimes seems almost unreal, as time sometimes flies by so quickly. Last week almost felt like a 24-hour rollercoaster ride. But when you experience so many impressions, it always feels like a quick in ‘n out. But anyway … to get straight to the point and summarize it briefly for all of you: we had a great and unforgettable week in Berlin, hosting our second independently organized and curated showroom in the German capital. However, there was one thing that we would have liked to have avoided. But we will spare you a long explanation of how quickly you can get robbed and what kind of hurdles fate sometimes throws at you. That’s another story for ye good old campfire vibes …

To come back to our original story, we are starting with some digestible and easy key facts. So, the first week of July we found ourselves back at SomoS art space in the infamous ”Kreuzkölln“ area in Berlin, right in-between Kreuzberg and Neukölln. Back at it? That is true, because we initiated our very first showroom in the exact same building earlier this year in January. The 100m2 white cube space is simply to perfect for our needs, so of course we had to come back for hosting yet another summer edition. Turns out the decision was key for us, even tough it wasn’t exactly the summer we were hoping for (but rather a rainy shit show). But eh, we won’t complain about weather issues, right? Especially since the weather outside could do whatever it wanted. Inside the showroom, we had sunshine 24-7. You wanna know why? Keep reading …

Let the Sunshine in —

Or how to unite power and synergies

One of our biggest innovations and update for this summer showroom edition was bringing the Sunshine, instead of hoping for some. When he heard about our Berlin plans, our dear friend Felix Sonnenschein reached out to us, asking if we want to combine our forces and unite powers and synergies. Thankfully, we didn’t hesitate, opened up our doors, and shared the space with his Cologne-based business called Sunshine Agency (by now you probably understood what our wordplay was all about).

Felix is a young professional and already a legend in the game due to his incredible knowledge and passion for streetwear. He is representing several brands and showcased the latest collections by Pompeii, Pockies, Reternity and  Common Lines. You can definitely tell that he loves what he’s doing, true to his agency’s motto: ”Connecting the dots“. We really owe this guy for brightening up our week and reaching out to us. Mosaic and Sunshine Agency are two dots that got well-connected during this time. Thanks for that, Felix!  

After Aperol club —

Welcome to open doors and lots of Spritz

Another personal milestone for us happened on the Thursday during our showroom week, when we opened up our doors for all partners, friends and family members. It was truly a highlight to make the space accessible for all of our loved ones to join us for a drink (or two). A solid hangout was initiated that formed the foundation for the community to get together, network or simply have a good time chatting together while having a Spritz. Reminiscing about that night makes us more than thankful for anyone who pulled up, especially we could not tell in the beginning wether 5 or 500 people will show up.

Thankfully, we can rely on a great audience that would not bail out on free drinks. Multiple refill walks to the supermarket later, we ended up with 16 bottles of sparkling wine instead of the six we initially planned. What a blast! A special shout-out goes to Shirley, our barkeeper and Head of Spritz for that night — thanks for keeping everyone hydrated.

Thank you all —

Peep the video below. Enjoy responsibly.

For this showroom edition, we proudly showcased all Spring–Summer 2025 collections by:

Written by Philipp Schäfer
Mosaic Photography: © Philipp Schäfer
Sunshine Photography: © Djahan Behboudi