Lakai’s Howard and Carroll x Skateboarding Hall of Fame

Cartoonish illustration showing two collectable trading cards with portraits of professional skateboarder Rick Howard and Mike Carroll on a pink and blue background.

Lakai Limited Footwear hasn’t just been around in the game. It’s deeply rooted and definitely shaped the ”game“ of modern skateboarding as we know it today. Being founded back then in Los Angeles in 1999, Lakai is built on the dedication and pride they have always invested into their skateboarding and the rich history and their deep roots within the community. And you know who started it all? Two of the most humble souls that ever entered the colorful stage of skateboarding’s diverse community: Rick Howard and Mike Carroll. Knowing each other from successful skate careers, uncountable tours and numerous times together in the van and already having launched their first major hardware brands (Girl and Chocolate Skateboards), Rick and Mike decided to explore the world of footwear. And exploring wasn’t enough. They established an exquisit brand for highest quality skate shoes. And the best thing: 25 years later these two are still runnin’ the business and haven’t hopped off the train. That’s the true spirit of skater owned and operated. 

»Simply stated, Lakai are the shoes we skate«

— Rick Howard

Another thing that needs to mentioned is the unique cinematography that came with every single Lakai video. Not just the level of skateboarding pushed the boundaries of what’s doable, but also the approach of creativity was beyond the imaginable during that time. With a focus on creating an atmosphere that is supportive and motivating while developing a product line that team riders can be proud of, Lakai has maintained a unique level of integrity and respect within the skateboarding community since its inception.

Portrait of professional skateboarder Rick Howard and Mike Carroll on a blue background.

What a career path and great legacy that Carroll and Howard created with their teams of skateboarding professionals, amateurs, friends, family, staff, artists, creative and business people. And they’re still doing it — we can definitely tell you that, because Mosaic Distribution has been following this career ever since. We’re proud partners of the Lakai family for a long period of time and whenever we hop on a Zoom call for a sales meeting, we’re still stocked to see Rick and Mike’s video poppin’ up — that’s true dedication!

For us, it’s more than understandable that these two good people just got honored and inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame. We are deeply grateful for everything they did for skateboarding and wish ’em all the best for what’s to come in the future. Congrats, Mike. Congrats, Rick. You guys rule! 

Written by Philipp Schäfer
Photos: © Nick Zegel & Lakai

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